North Star Family center was established in October 2009 by a group of social workers and foster parents who shared a vision of empowering children, youth, and families to achieve their full potential. The North Star staff has 20 years of combined experience working in Social Services with children, youth, and families. North Star is a culturally diverse agency where English, Spanish, and Hmong languages are spoken to better help our children and families. We welcome all children and families regardless of their gender, race, age, sexual orientation, sexual expression, and identity.

Mary Dela Torre began her career as a foster parent before becoming a placement worker for her agency. She was responsible for finding homes for children who were removed from their families due to neglect, substance abuse, domestic violence, and many other issues involving affected families. Working as a placement worker was very frustrating at times. Trying to find adequate homes, especially for those children who were a bit more challenging, takes effort and perseverance. Over a few years, while still working as a placement worker, Mary began to pull together ideas from her family that would help develop a strong Foster Family Agency a family-friendly agency where children can be safe in their homes, and where family preservation is first and foremost.

Despite hurdles, setbacks, challenges, and discouragement, North Star and our staff, each of whom are completely dedicated, stood fast and prevailed. In the four years since North Star’s beginning we have served approximately 1,200 children from Merced, Madera, Fresno, Tulare, Kings, and Kern Counties. Some children returned home and some found their way to their forever family. Either way, North Star has created the means for children and families to reach the stars. Learn more about us.

North Star has become a reality because of family and friends who always had a dream of truly changing the lives of the children in our community.

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Arisveh Miranda at North Star Family Center
6760 N. West Ave. Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93711
Telephone: (559) 286-0469 or for more information Cell: (559) 577-7796
Fax: (559) 226-2127


At North Star Family Center we provide professional services and a caring environment where the healing process begins. The money donated will help us provide school supplies, scholarships, recreational activities and family events. In advance, we appreciate the support of our community. Thank you!

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