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full_1357935754shutterstock_70955626North Star Family Center, established and licensed by the Department of Social Services in October 2009, is invested in improving our community. By providing recruitment, training, and certification to families interested in becoming resource families we seek caring and compassionate families to open their nurturing home for foster children. North Star Family Center receives referrals from Department of Children and Family Services in the Valley.

North Star Family Center provides financial reimbursement and twenty-four hour support to our families. We also provide ongoing training and annual events for our children and families. As an agency, we deliver a high level of care. Our social workers—each has earned a Master’s Degree in their field—provide support, guidance, and case management to our families. They visit our resource homes weekly to provide ongoing support and resources to our families.

The goal of our agency is to assist local Department of Children and Family Services agencies in reunification of families and children. We know firsthand the importance of reunification and continuing support for the families facing difficulties in life. North Star Family Center works tirelessly to locate the best homes and care for children in foster care. We view each foster care client with a primary goal of reunification and, if possible permanency.

We ask our community to join in our efforts for a better tomorrow. Please join our team and become a foster parent with North Star Family Center.

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Arisveh Miranda at North Star Family Center
6760 N. West Ave. Suite 101
Fresno, CA 93711
Telephone: (559) 286-0469 or for more information Cell: (559) 577-7796
Fax: (559) 226-2127


At North Star Family Center we provide professional services and a caring environment where the healing process begins. The money donated will help us provide school supplies, scholarships, recreational activities and family events. In advance, we appreciate the support of our community. Thank you!

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