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I have been a resource parent for 15 years. I have been a resource parent with North Star since the agency opened. I enjoy being a resource parent with North Star. Resource parenting is something I have always enjoyed and loved.  It’s a reward to me to see my foster children doing well, furthering their education and making something of themselves. My foster son Juan has made me so proud, he has advance himself academically and is currently attending California State University of Fresno and he is in his third year. My other foster son Richard, has also made me proud and he is a hard worker. Juan works as an Admission Coordinator for the ER at Saint Agnes Hospital. I am also currently in the process of adopting two other children and honestly wish I could adopt them all. Overall, all my foster children have made me proud and are always welcome in my home. During holidays my house is filled with current and previous foster children and even some foster grandchildren. It’s a reward to be a resource parent.

— Charlene Williams

I have six children and fifteen grandchildren. My children have left the house and are making their own lives. I filled my days with working eight to sixteen hours a day. When I retired, I realized that my house was way too quiet.  I had thought about Foster Care for a while. A friend told me about North Star. The staff is very knowledgeable and willing to assist when needed. North Star cares about their resource parents and the children. My husband and I have had many children in our home over the past three and half years. Some have been challenging. These children come from homes with some form of abuse. These children need love, understanding and stability. I feel fulfilled knowing that I am able to provide a loving, stable, and safe home for these children. I wish I had became a resource parent years ago.

— Ladonna Balto

My Story…

I am a resource parent along with my daughter at North Star Family Center. Our love has always been with children. I had three of my own and was blessed with raising another, the daughter of a family friend. After retirement, I felt lost until I was introduced to resource parenting. This has been a blessing to me, as well I hope, to the children we have fostered.

Through this I have been blessed with a 5 year old boy who we are adopting. I wish I would have thought of fostering children a long time ago. My life is full and I feel blessed by all the children. I thank God for this opportunity.



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